Protest Is In The Air: Tea Party Started It; Where Will It Lead?

rally for clean water photo

Environmental activists say they expect hundreds for a Chesapeake Bay cleanup rally Tuesday evening at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Image credit:Baltimore Sun.

Street protests and rallies became unfashionable after losing traction from overuse in the 60's. Contemporary environmentalists have largely avoided them. But wait..Tea Party strutting and ]the ad-selling hyper-attention it given by TV news have brought them back. Check it out.

  • A hundred were recently arrested at the White House for protesting mountain top removal.

  • An entire Pennsylvania County zoning hearing board recently resigned in protest over being forced by a Federal judge to permit withdrawal by a fracing company from a treasured stream segment.

See below for details.From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
During a series of hearings, witnesses alternately extolled the promise of gas well riches or begged Anadarko to draw water somewhere other than the Hyner View State Park overlook. The zoning board rejected Anadarko's petition, citing traffic safety and environmental concerns.

After a company appeal, Clinton County Judge Michael Williamson ruled the zoning board's decision was arbitrary, capricious and in error. He ordered the zoning board last month to grant Anadarko's exception.

Board members John Rathmell, Alice Tarr and John Drake, resigned rather than comply. Williamson then personally approved Anadarko's exception.

This is grass roots stuff, and mostly ignored by the national media. Still, it's an interesting turnabout.

Could lead to counter protests and legal contests. What do you think?

Will US mid-term elections hinge on such local sentiments, or more on party talking points?

And does blogging about national policy help or hinder?