Projections Of A Renewable Job Market For The US


"Nearly 3,000 Ohioans and about 500,000 other Americans are already employed by industries assembling or making parts for renewable-energy equipment such as wind turbines, solar panels and ethanol, economist Roger Bezdek reported in a comprehensive study released Thursday. It was commissioned by the [Solar] Society and the Ohio Department of Development. These industries recorded nearly $1 trillion in gross revenues in 2006, including about $51 billion in Ohio."

"The job and revenue numbers could skyrocket over the next 25 years - resulting in up to 2.2 million new jobs and $220 billion in annual revenues in Ohio and up to 40 million jobs and $4.5 trillion in revenues nationwide - if federal and state governments would make an all-out push for renewables and super-efficient products, the report argues."For a full-text article summarizing the findings of the report, look here, on the Solar Today site.

The study is particularly important as a baseline for future economic studies, for which the year 2006 is offered as a benchmark (See Table 1, below).


Thinking about those prospective 4.5 trillion dollars, even with...lets just assume for the sake of discussion...a plus or minus 25% margin of error, we get an idea why the coal industry is squealing like a pig that smells blood in the barnyard. A renewables industry worth trillions will have real lobbying power, if it becomes united; and lobbying is what seems to drive US Congressional interests much more than the will of the people or the risk of climate catastrophe.

Via:: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Top image credit:: EV World. Table 1 (above) is from the Solar World article link above.

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