Project Paper-less: Cutting Usage by a Fifth


Boy, that John Dee guy gets around. Co-founder of Planet Ark, (Australia’s) National Tree Day, organising the first public Wollemi Pine forest sanctuary and now we find he is at it again. This time with Project Paper-less, a business education scheme with the rather ambitious target of reducing Australia’s consumption of paper by a whopping 20%.

The trick to wean Australians off their 1.4 million tonnes of printing and fine paper annually is to show business that there are cost savings and productivity gains in using less paper and embracing new digital technologies.

But John’s vision knows no bounds, because he wants businesses not to pocket those savings but to reinvest them in buying local FSC certified papers or recycled content paper. (Currently only 11% of Australian office paper is recycled and for every tonne so recycled 17 trees, 31,000 litres of water and 4,100 Kwh of electricity are saved.)

Part of the plan is to showcase successful case studies so business can learn from its peers. A fledging website is underway to assist. ::Project Paper-less, via a radio news interview.

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