Programs That US House of Representatives, Republican Study Group Would Cut

rsg category totals image

Ryan Grim lists at HuffPost a pile of government budget items that "Leading conservative House Republicans" want to cut back or eliminate. Ryan's post explains the RSG context in detail (at HuffPost link).

It was easy for me to pare the full RSG list down to those with apparent environmental relevance (either plus or minus, direct or indirect). What follows is based on that greatly shortened list, with items grouped into what I think are logical categories for possible environmental pros and cons. Group or "category" cut subtotals are shown above.Clarifications
First off, let me emphasize that I am the one who named the categories and sorted the abbreviated list: not the RSG.

Dollar total and subtotals show in opening image are rounded to two decimals, summing the RSG numbers.

If anyone wants me to explain why an item was put in a certain category, post a comment. I'll batch out the responses after a few hours. Most should be self explanatory for those who have kept up on the environmental issues of the last several decades. Example: sugar programs subsidize wetland intrusion along the Gulf coast by cane growers. Eliminating the subsidy would be big plus for the Everglades.

Here's the categorized, abbreviated RFG list. Note, that the second level is sorted by dollar value.