Proctor and Gamble Makes New Major Commitment to Sustainability


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The world's largest consumer products company, Proctor and Gamble, has a new commitment to sustainability. The goals are laudable and include: powering its plants with 100 percent renewable energy, using 100 percent renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging, and cutting down on packaging materials. The move is bolder than other companies and could serve as a powerful example for sector movement. We can expect yearly progress reports, with the first big benchmark coming in 2020. Big P&G; brands include Pringles, Tide, PUR, and Olay.

All of these consumer products will be housed in better packaging. By 2020, P&G; wants to replace 25 percent of petroleum-based materials with renewable materials, which will reduce packaging 20 percent. It also wants to power its plants with 30 percent renewable energy and cut back on truck transportation by 20 percent.

The full plan is available here.

P&G; is responding to a new world for business, one changed by increased resource competition and affected by climate change. By moving now, it puts itself in a better position to market to both consumers and investors that it is among the greenest companies. It also lowers its future overhead by limiting fuel and packaging expenses. I hope other multinationals are paying attention.

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