Pro-Gas Smears Make the Case for Distributed Renewables

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Brian already took issue with a "natural gas is green" op-ed in the New York Times, and John Laumer also poked some holes in its anti-renewables stance. Now John Farrell has launched a withering attack on the smear tactics used to discredit renewables in favor of natural gas too, pointing out that the much talked about "land use" of wind farms is mostly empty space that can be used for other purposes like farming. (The NYT op ed claimed wind needs 128 acres per MW, when Farrell claims the real figure is about 1 acre.) But, he says, the pro-gas folks do bring an important question to light:

Despite its factual foibles, Bryce's column underscores a fundamental problem with the renewable energy movement: the assumption that wind power can only be developed massive prairie wind farms and solar power can only be developed on hundreds of acres of virgin desert, and strung with high-voltage transmission lines.

Citing Germany's aggressive distributed renewables deployment, and plans to install solar along highway verges, Farrell argues that big is not always better when it comes to clean energy.

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