Print Trees - Plant Business Cards (Sort Of)


It should come as no surprise that we like trees around here. Therefore this little business endeavour took our fancy. Saltprint, an online based printer, has teamed with not-for-profit company Carbon Neutral to bung a tree in the ground for every business card order they get (and looks like a minimum qualifying order is 500 cards for $80.) Given that most paper stock is derived from tree pulp this seems like a worthy trade off (though we wonder if business cards might not be somewhat of an anachronism in this digital day and age.) While it is noted that on average, over 70 years, six trees planted in Australia will absorb 1 tonne of CO2, we are also pleased to see that the other benefits of trees are also described. They combat salinity, reduce soil erosion, clean underground water systems and provide habitat for wildlife. Carbon Neutral is a business initiative of two not-for-profit community organisations, Men of the Trees and Trees for Life, who collectively have been in the treeplanting game for some 27 years, with over 30 million Australian native trees under their belt. They seem to be promising Saltprint they’ll provide stewardship of their customers trees for 70 years, though they suggest that 80-90% of the CO2 absorption occurs within the first 30 years. Additionally Saltprint use 100% accredited GreenPower energy, sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste, for their operations. ::Saltprint.See also our guide on How to Go Green: Carbon Offsets

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