Prince Charles Sets Up Shop

Prince Charles has already wowed us with his holographic speeches, his incredible sandwich making skills, and his willingness to speak up about his concerns for the planet. Now, according to an article in The Guardian, he's also trying to impress us with his shop-keeping abilities:
"He is the heir to the throne, a businessman, a champion of the environment. And from this morning, probably Britain's poshest greengrocer. At 9am sharp, Highgrove, Prince Charles's store on the main high street of his adopted home town, Tetbury, will open its bluey-green doors to the great unwashed.

It is the latest venture for the prince's ever expanding business portfolio, which has earned millions of pounds in profit over the last few years.

At Highgrove shop, the prince is sticking to the formula that has served him so well; on offer will be everything from seasonal vegetables freshly pulled out of the ground from the prince's nearby estate - no extra charge for the royal mud still clinging to them - to apple juice from Camilla's orchards in Wiltshire."

Wal-Mart must be quaking in their boots.

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