Prince Albert of Monaco is European Champion of the Earth

prince-albert-of-monaco-is-champion-of the-world.jpg
We love royals who go green and use their vast and unlimited wealth to change the world. Prince Charles is the most famous environmentalist, of course, although his father, the Duke of Edinburgh is unconvinced: "Organic farming is not an absolute certainty that it's quite as useful as it sounds, You have got to be emotionally committed to it – but if you stand back and be open minded about it, it is quite difficult to really find where it has been a real benefit." (Thanks for the vote of support, dad).

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has been a long time supporter of the green cause too. Famed son of Grace Kelly, and head of Monaco, that little tiny tax-free haven falling into the sea, his foundation has done some serious, ground breaking work on global warming; renewable energies; loss of biodiversity; improving access to water and fighting desertification. In recognition, he has now been named Europe's "Champion of the Earth" by the United Nations Environmental Programme. On receiving the award, he said: "We can't go on as business as usual. Those who haven't realised that yet will be sorry in a few years". He pledged to "carry out missions to raise the alarm and heighten awareness in the field. The world is facing an unprecedented threat. We must assume our responsibilities without delay and rise to the challenge that history has placed upon our path". A Special Prize was given to Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand, in honour of that country's efforts towards climate neutrality and renewable energy. :: UNEP Champions of the Earth