President's Clean Tech Budget Add-On: How Big Is It?


The White House website details what President Bush outlined in his State of the Union speech this week regarding a "clean energy technology" budget addition in response to the risk posed by climate change.

President Bush is committing $2 billion over the next three years to create a new international clean energy technology fund to help confront climate change worldwide. Along with contributions from other countries, this fund will increase and accelerate the deployment of all forms of cleaner, more efficient technologies in developing nations like India and China, and help leverage substantial private-sector capital by making clean energy projects more financially attractive.

A favorite blog for keeping up on green tech developments, Greentech Media, has compared the President's new budget commitment to several other entities (graphic).

Looks like the US is IBM/Vigin league. But not to worry. US consumers have given much treasure to Dubai and it is positioned to make up for the US' lackluster showing. See Lloyd's "Dubai Jumps the Shark" post for some details.

Via::Greentech Media, "Bush's Tiny $2B Greentech Fund"

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