Presidential Candidate Profiles On Climate Change: An Edwards Update

Please have a look at our mid-October post entitled Presidential Candidates: Where Do They Stand On Climate Policy Proposals?

Then have a look how candidate John Edwards currently is framing his climate policy proposals.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Saturday called reversing global warming a "great moral test" and said the next president needs to stand up to industries resisting change.

"This is the great moral test of our generation. Are we actually going to leave this planet and America better for our children than we found it?" Edwards said at an environmental rally in New Orleans.

"Why have we not addressed the issue of climate change and global warming?" Edwards said. "I'll tell you why, no question about it: oil companies, gas companies, power companies and the lobbyists in Washington, D.C. We have to have a president who will stand up to these people."

Update: People keep asking when Al Gore will become a presidential candidate. Perhaps the more important question is, which candidate might he endorse?

Via::Boston Globe, "Edwards Calls Global Warming A Moral Test" Image credit::The Washington Note