Presidential Candidate Profiles On Climate Change: A Dennis Kucinich Update

We didn't include Candidate Kucinich in our original Presidential Profiles post. A reader pointed out his commitment to sustainable development and sure enough, he is unique among all declared candidates in that regard. Our commenter also outlined some other positions that differentiate Kucinich from all other presidential candidates.

Kucinich has the sanest plan for energy -- he's the only one that mentions Peak Oil by name, and has a plan for a green Manhattan Project to get America onto a post-oil transition; he's against nuclear and opposes the privatization of water.

That seemed a fair characterization after we read the Kucinich website statement about A Sustainable Future. What Dennis lacks in his published platform statement is an articulated position on coal as an energy source and a target for societal energy efficiency gains. As to the broader topic of environment - going beyond climate or energy - candidate Kucinich unfortunately has not, at the time of this posting, responded to the League of Women Voters 2008 Presidential Candidates Survey, as have several of the other major candidates.

But, we have to credit him for being the first, and as yet only, candidate to lay out what a sustainable future means to him. TreeHugger recommends the League of Women Voters "Heat Is On" website where all presidential candidates are profiled.

Image credit::Washington PostDennis Kucinich, Votes Database