Presidential Campaign Update: Al & Arnold At The New Hampsire Primary


This is wonderful. A bi-partisan political storm is brewing over New Hampshire because Al and Arnold have found a clever way to inject serious climate discussion into the coming US presidential primary season. Timing could not be better, with the IPCC about to 'drop the big one'- a 5-year update report that even talk show hosts can understand - and Al Gore about to receive White House recognition for his Nobel prize.

Sadly, this will make it even harder for CNN to get debating candidates to take a pass on climate in favor of questions about grooming and appearance.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former vice president Al Gore are planning a bipartisan presidential forum on energy and climate change in New Hampshire in December, the governor's office confirmed Thursday.

The forum, which is still in the planning stages, is being designed so presidential candidates from both parties will attend. Adam Mendelsohn, a spokesman for the governor, said the format was not completely developed, but the former vice president was handling the Democratic candidates, while Schwarzenegger would handle the Republicans.

Schwarzenegger's office confirmed the forum after Sen. John McCain said at a Sacramento news conference Thursday that he had agreed to attend. The GOP presidential candidate said the climate change issue had not been discussed enough in the race, either by Republicans or Democrats.

Via::USA Today, "Gore, Schwarzenegger to plan presidential climate forum" Image credit::Jeff's Weather Blog, Thunder Storm Over New Hampshire