Power Vote's Nonpartisan Push for Clean Energy

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Image Courtesy of Power Vote

The Energy Action Coalition is spearheading Power Vote, a political movement focused on getting young voters to register and to support clean energy initiatives in the upcoming election cycles. The concept is simple: interested or concerned youth log on to the Power Vote website, and sign a pledge to make voting for clean and renewable energy their priority this election. And it’s gaining traction fast—Power Vote went from 2,802 to 102,412 pledge signatures in two weeks. At that rate, the organization’s goal of one million pledges seems like no problem. But what, exactly, will the youth of Power Vote do?Power Vote’s Manifesto
According to Power Vote’s website, its goals are to:

• Harness the political power of one million young voters who want a bold new vision for America's future that reduces dangerous pollution while creating millions of good jobs.

• Elevate energy and climate issues in this historic election.

• Mobilize grassroots support for bold political action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in a clean energy economy.

If that all seems a little vague—well, that’s fine. The goal appears simply to be invigorating young folks to combat global warming—and to make the charge public. The louder the voice grows, after all, the harder it’ll be for legislators to continue to ignore the myriad pressing issues regarding climate change—and the harder, and more inappropriate it’ll be for the American government to delay taking action.

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