Power Of One: Gretchen C. Daily Accepts Sophie Prize


"American biologist and writer Gretchen C. Daily accepted Norway's $100,000 Sophie Prize on Thursday for her efforts to show the economic benefits of protecting the environment...A jury selected Daily for the prize in March, describing the Stanford University professor as "visionary and focused on finding practical solutions."

The Sophie Prize website offers this. "Can efforts to save the environment also be economically profitable? Definitely, according to Daily. It is possible to use market forces in the fight against the loss of biological diversity and destruction of our ecosystems. The American biologist is visionary and focused on finding practical solutions; she is radical in her thinking and pragmatic in her approach. Her recommendations include action that can be taken on a local and international level." Looks like she knows how to party, too. Don't you wish you'd been there? Ahh life. Via::Los Angeles Times, Stanford biologist receives Sophie Prize Image credit::Sophie Prize Website,Excerpted from original photo by Elin Høyland

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