Postcards from UN Climate Change Conference

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Postcards from Poznan Keeps Climate Advocates in the Loop
During the UN Climate Change Conference that started last week in Poznan, Poland, two globally oriented Earthjustice lawyers are sending updates from on the ground via the organization's Postcards from Poznan Project. More on the conference's goals below the fold.More than 10,000 people are converging in Poznan this week, home of a serious coal industry, to discuss the future of global climate change policy. At the center of the talks is the Kyoto Protocol, whose first "period of commitment" ends in 2012. By this time, most developed countries have agreed to cut their emissions levels to five percent less than their 1990 levels. Many leaders agree that if countries continue with their current practices, meeting these 2012 emissions goals will be far from achievable. The conference is aimed at creating strategies for how to rapidly get on track to 2012 goals, with talks ranging from deforestation reduction to climate change adaptation.

The Earthjustice lawyers on the ground have been blogging daily about negotiations, the policy nuances of deforestation, and how human rights play into the conference's discussions.

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