Portugal Goes for Record Wind Power Investment

From the The Guardian of March 2 2006 : "Portugal signalled the launch of one of Europe's biggest wind power projects yesterday - a move that will supply enough electricity for 750,000 homes...The contract is the equivalent to a quarter of all the wind power installed in the European Union last year...The winning consortium will be asked to erect about 500 turbines at various locations. Portugal's Socialist government also aims to create 1,600 jobs by allocating €900m (£613m) for turbine equipment manufacturing... The total global wind power capacity now stands at 59,322MW. This is a fraction of the total electricity supply, but the figure is rapidly growing. The countries with the highest total installed capacity are Germany (18,428MW), Spain (10,027) the US (9,149), India (4,430) and Denmark (3,122). Britain, China, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and Portugal have all reached the 1,000MW mark".