Portland Oregon Considering Green Tarriff/Reward System For New Construction


Continuous, rapid progress is a must if we are to reduce our carbon footprint enough to make a difference. Portland Oregon USA has long been a pioneer and prototype test center for green ideas. We wish them luck on this one as well.

Portland's Office of Sustainable Development is drafting a proposal for a "green" building policy that, if approved, would mandate a carbon fee for all new commercial and residential buildings and major commercial remodels unless certain green building standards are met.

Those exceeding the standards would be paid an incentive by the city, funded by carbon fees paid by others...

The policy would operate on the basis of three concepts: the carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that a building causes, mostly through the energy use) as well as education and technical assistance for meeting the building standards, and energy-efficiency rating and upgrading.

The nuts and bolts of the fees and standards still are being discussed.

Via::Jetson Green, LEED-H Silver, Energy Star, Earth Advantage - Dolph Creek Townhomes

Via::SustainableLife, "City: Build green or pay up"

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