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Created by a nutrition consultant in San Francisco who wanted a healthier (and cuter) way to carry her water. Its her hope that these Love Bottle recycled bottles will not only spread clean water to everyone, but also spread a little love in the process. By putting the word love on the bottle, its hoped that it will change the energy of the water and thus bring love to you when you drink it. Think this is all hocus-pocus? No worries, those glass bottles are good if for no other reason that they keep plastic water bottles with their chemical-leaching properties out of our hands and out of landfills.These 20% recycled glass bottles come in two sizes and with really cute designs and color patterns and they have a ceramic swing-top lid. You can even write on the designs themselves to add your own flair. They also offer a cushy, carrying bag in case you're worried about breaking that glass bottle. Need to clean out that bottle? No problem, Love Bottle has a special double-sided bottle brush to clean out all 1000ml of bottle.

Partnerships for Cleaner Water
Love Bottle also works with Global Water to provide safe drinking water to developing countries around the world. Love Bottle also works with Clean Water Action, which works on water quality issues in the US.

Think you have a cute design for a bottle - send it in to Love Bottle and you just might get a few of your designed bottles plus $100 credit to spend at the store. You can also design Love Bottles for your company or event (note: you need 2-3 months for production).

Bottles sell for $12-$18 USD. :Love Bottle::Daily Candy San Francisco

Note: LoveBottle just found out that their bottles are actually made from 20% recycled glass, not 100% recycled glass as originally planned on. While they are looking at increasing this percentage in the future, we're sorry for the confusion on the current stock.

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