Poor Jim Kunstler Even Gets Attacked By Captchas


A lot of people think James Howard Kunstler is a bit dire, and he takes a fair amount of abuse in comments. But who would have thought that the Captchas share the views of the commenters? That they have opinions about people like the controversial author? Yet that is what I screen-captured in Now Magazine in an unrelated article.

I am sure Jim wouldn't be surprised that computers think of him this way, he doesn't think they have much of a future. But where else could it come from? After all, Now has has called Kunstler a bitterly sarcastic social critic and hilariously bombastic (and dead-on). It doesn't sound like them.

jim kunstler top of page

Or maybe it is someone Recaptcha who doesn't like The Long Emergency or a World Made By Hand.

Of course these change every time you refresh, so I grabbed a screen shot. But I wonder, if I refresh enough, will I get AGW Hoax or love Lomberg. On Now Magazine yet.

Screen shot of as much of the page as I could get:


Well I, for one, don't think Jim Kunstler is inept. I write about him a lot:
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