Pollution to Rise Along With Energy Prices?

hazy day in istanbul turkey photo

Environmentalists often cheer rising energy prices, hoping they will encourage conservation, boost support for higher efficiency standards, and make renewable sources more cost-effective. But hikes in the cost of natural gas may have Istanbul, and other Turkish cities, in for a smoggy winter.With a chill beginning to be felt in the air, home heating is on people's minds again for the first time in months. But that first gas bill of the winter may be 60 percent higher than the last one, due to increases over the past ten months. Some residents of Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey's capital, already say that they're planning to burn coal or wood in their homes instead, sparking fears of a renewed air-pollution problem. The burning of low-quality coal has been a persistent environmental issue, although one that has lessened as natural gas has become more common in Turkish homes.

Pellet stoves are an ecofriendly alternative, but it would take some awfully big subsidies to get them down to a price the poorest Turkish families could afford. Via: "Gas prices drive Istanbul to use coal, wood," Hurriyet Daily News
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