'Polluter Harmony' Ad Mocks Exxon, Takes on Offshore Drilling (Video)


Greenpeace's first Polluter Harmony video, starring Lisa 'Dirty Air' Murkowski and the lobbyist who helped write her amendment to limit the Clean Air Act, made a big enough splash to warrant a sequel. This time, the polluting lovers are Exxon CEO Rex Tillerman, pro-offshore drilling governor Bob Mitchell, and a Saudi prince. Pretty salacious stuff. Watch the video after the jump.

While this is obviously intended to be comedy (and lowbrow comedy at that), it's a metaphor for a situation that's deeply unfunny. Which is the point. By now, everyone's familiar with the fact that even if we opened up all the known oil stores in the US for drilling, we'd still get a minuscule percentage of our demand satisfied. Hence Rex's (standing in for Exxon and the other oil companies) continued dalliances with the Saudi Prince.

The point is, opening up Virginia's offshore sites for drilling will do little to nothing to sever our longstanding reliance on foreign oil, despite politicians like Mitchell's claims. True energy independence will come from a transition to renewable and clean sources, not by turning to a handful of new oil stores to deplete.

Oh, and here's the first Polluter Harmony vid parodying Murkowski's closeness with lobbyists, in case you missed it:

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