Polar Bear in London's Thames River

polar bear in london thames river

photo: Eden

I knew that would get your attention and that's precisely the purpose according to Eden, the group that’s behind the exhibit to draw attention to global warming. And if there were ever an effective image to show the painful victims of climate change, it's a cuddly polar bear floating atop a drifting ice cap.Eden, a new digital TV channel devoted to natural history and the natural world, released a giant, 16-foot sculpture of a polar bear on an ice cap in London's River Thames. The structure weighing, 1.5 tonnes, was hoisted into place. The aim of the project is to remind Londoners and the world of the imminent danger of climate change and global warming in the form of melting ice caps. The sculpture was commissioned by the natural history channel Eden to coincide with the channel's Fragile Earth series, presented by Sir David Attenborough. It took 15 artists two months to complete.

It's a seriously good time to draw attention back to the polar bears considering that the embattled polar bear is on thinner ice than it's ever been. The Arctic sea ice dwindled to its second lowest level. We are still losing ice at a rate of 10 percent per decade, quite an increase from 5 years ago.

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