Playboy Bunny Twins Protect Wild Mustangs from Angry Politician

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Who said politics had to be boring? Case in point: here's a tangled web of a story that involves wild horses, Willie Nelson's daughter, an enraged conservative representative, and Playboy Bunny twins. Seriously. Legislation recently passed the US House of Reps that would protect wild mustang horses in ten western states--and it's got Washington Representative Doc Hastings up in arms (perfect name, too: wild horses, land in the west, buxom women, and Doc Hastings--we've got a script for a Western waiting to happen here). From Politico:

"With all of the issues that are facing our country," Hastings told POLITICO, "here we are going to the floor in order to fill time to talk about welfare for wild horses and spend another $700 million dollars. It just doesn't seem to make any sense to me."
Thankfully, Politico also corrected the congressman: the measure would cost $200 million over the course of five years. Nonetheless, the bill, called the Restore Our American Mustangs Act has ardent supporters: the Playboy Bunny twins Shane and Sia Barbi and Amy Nelson, the legendary country singer's daughter. Politico reports:
"I gotta be honest: I'm very pro-snake. I'm an animal activist," said Shane Barbi. "But these people are snakes in the way that they're trying to disguise themselves as someone that cares about" animals. "Sometimes they blurt out, 'How can you do this in a time of a recession. Well, bottom line: The voters want to help animals no matter how bad times are."
The bill looks set to become law, as Obama is likely to sign it--at least, that's what Nelson thinks. "He's a compassionate and intelligent person," she tells Politico. So whether ol' Doc Hastings likes it or not it looks like the iconic wild mustangs are going to get some much needed funding for protection.

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