Plastic Bag Manufacturers Drop Suit Against Reusable Bag Maker ChicoBag

chicobag photo

photo: Mike Linksvayer/CC BY

The lawsuit against reusable bag maker ChicoBag brought about by a trio of disposable plastic bag manufacturers has come to a conclusion.

Two of the plaintiffs, Superbag and Advance Poly Split, dropped their case, while the third, Hilex Poly has settled with ChicoBag.The plastic bag companies (which also have sued cities which issued plastic bag bans) alleged that ChicoBag's "Learn the Facts" page was misleading consumers.

In settling the case, both Hilex Poly and ChicoBag agreed to provide citations for all facts and data presented in promotional material, including advertising.

Hilex Poly admitted that single-use plastic bags do often end up as litter, even when disposed of properlyand agreed to address this issue on their website, issue messages on their bags about preventing littering.

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