Planned Solar Projects Swell from 17GW to 24GW Due to Falling Prices

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While anti-solar distortions continue to proliferate, solar itself is looking like an increasingly serious player in the world of energy. And even though tumbling solar prices have seen some manufacturers go under, most notably the high-profile Solyndra bankruptcy, it's a much more positive environment for project developers. We've already seen, for example, plans for a 50MW solar farm swell to 400MW on the back of falling prices, and now Renewable Energy World is reporting that the solar "pipeline" of projects planned has grown from 17GW to 24GW due, largely, to increasingly favorable economics:

According to a recent report by SolarBuzz, the 17 gigawatts (GW) of non-residential PV under development have now grown to 24 GW, largely because of the continued drop in module prices throughout the summer.

The September 2011 edition of the United States Deal Tracker database released by Solarbuzz this week identifies 1,865 non-residential projects totaling 25.9 GW either installed, being installed or in their development phase since January 1, 2010.

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