Planet Green This Weekend: Greensburg


We're hoping that you've been following the newly launched Planet Green, the first ever 24-7 TV channel dedicated to green living. With more than 200 hours of original green lifestyle programming, Planet Green is a fresh conversation about what it means to be environmental. We've been bringing you clips from the new shows and encourage you to use our channel finder so you can watch Planet Green in your home.

Today we're bringing you the amazing story of Greensburg, Kansas which, on May 4, 2007, was ripped to shreds by a deadly tornado. Ninety-five percent of the town was destroyed, eleven lives were tragically lost, and survivors were left without homes, businesses, schools and basic city services. Greensburg was gone, and it seemed that all was lost for its residents.

In an extraordinary 13-part series co-produced by acclaimed actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio and award-winning producer Craig Piligian, viewers will meet the people of this amazing town, seeing the daily struggle of a community as it fights its way back from the edge of extinction and learning how the lives and livelihood of Greensburg's citizens will be changed by this massive reconstruction effort.

Catch more info below the fold and learn how Greensburg plans to rebuild.From the rubble, however, came a resilient and courageous call from the people of Greensburg to not only rebuild their community, but also to send a bold message to the rest of the nation. Greensburg committed to building smarter and better, determined to make their town a model for the future of cities of all sizes throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. They decided to rebuild Greensburg as a model green community.

View the emotional trailer and the Planet Green website and if you missed the premier of Greensburg last weekend, you can catch up with the first episode replaying on Saturday (tomorrow) evening at 9:00pm and the second episode will replay on Sunday evening at 8:00pm. Following, don't miss an all new episode of Greensburg Sunday evening at 9:00pm, only on Planet Green.

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