Planet Dog Philanthropy

It's Valentine's Day, and we know you bought the Dukester the recycled doggie travel gear by Planet Dog that we suggested. Here's one more thing the company is doing, but this time it's to help the environment. Planet Dog Philanthropy, or PDP, is "dedicated to supporting unique and effective programs taking compassionate action to preserve and restore the natural environment, cultivate animal welfare and foster quality education" as their mission statement reads. In other words, PDP is a grant program that has three areas that it will help fund: the environment, animal welfare and education. A percentage of annual profits from Planet Dog products helps fund PDP. Now we love all three of these areas but, because we're TreeHugger, we're going to focus on the first part of that statement PDP offers grants to increase awareness, interest and support of issues related to our environment. Just like TreeHugger, Planet Dog knows that the natural environment plays such a significant role in our lives and we all know how we depend on it so much. Planet Dog seeks to look after and care for our environment and teaches others about our future. PDP has four areas of focus:
1. Reduction of Air and Water Pollution
2. Wilderness/Forest Protection
3. Preservation and Conservation and Management of Ecosystems
4. Waste Reduction

In funding programs that take compassionate action to preserve and restore the natural environment, Planet Dog looks for innovative programs that specifically:
· Foster leadership and advocacy in environmental protection and restoration.
· Promote accountable and responsible corporate environments.
· Promote innovative and creative approaches to protecting the environment and that are not afraid to take risks.
· Create collaboration among environmental organizations and corporate America.
· Strengthen organizational growth and efficacy of environmental non-profits.
· Educate children — and adults — on how they can help the environment.

PDP believes in generating knowledge and promoting activities to get communities involved. While we love their dog products, we also like the fact that they are taking strides to make a difference. Check out their Web site to learn more about PDP and you can also read about the grantees. ::Planet Dog Philanthropy [by KD]