Planet 100 Presents: Urban Farming Uncovered (Video)

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Urban farms are sprouting up all over America. And with more people than ever choosing to live in cities, it makes sense to grow food where most of the world's population lives.

Situated on a suburban street in Silverlake near downtown Los Angeles, Edendale Farms grows enough food to feed its neighbors. A former architect, owner David Khan was inspired to start the farm after taking a course in permaculture.Edendale uses the principles of permaculture to grow seasonal fruits and vegetables for 10 to 15 neighboring families. The farm mimics nature ensuring it is a zero waste site.

From the composting toilets, to solar powered showers, to works of art, everything works in harmony with nature. Edendale also serves the community through workshops on sustainability and programs to educate children.

Urban farmers like David Khan are changing the face of farming. For the first time, college graduates, post graduates and professionals are entering the farming arena bringing with them a new skill set and approach.

There are many misconceptions associated with urban farms. Some believe city farms are easier to manage than those in the country. But with zoning laws, keeping the neighbors happy and dealing with congestion, urban farms face their own set of challenges.

Urban farms are not only a smart way to get food to city dwellers, they also build a sense of community through sustainability.

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