Planet 100: Is it Time to Solar the Sign? (Video)

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The White House may have plans to reinstall solar panels on its roof but across the country another of the world's iconic landmarks is perfectly positioned to harness the energy of the sun.

Situated high in the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood sign has been a cultural landmark since it's erection back in 1923. Now a group of environmentalists are hoping to light the sign using solar energy.Mike Bonifer of Solar the Sign says: "The Hollywood sign is one of the most recognized landmarks in the entire world and its not lit at all right now. The opportunity to light it with renewable energy could be one of the most powerful symbolic statements that we could make in support of sustainability."

As putting solar panels on the sign itself is not practical, and with nano solar cell paint technology still a couple of years away, the group hopes to light the sign using LEDs powered by a solar grid.

While the ultimate aim is to light the sign every night, in consultation with the community, Solar the Sign wants to start by lighting it one night of the year. Ideally that one night would be the night of the Academy Awards, when the whole world has its eyes on Hollywood.

The iconic Hollywood sign will always represent the glitz and glamour that Tinseltown has to offer—but will it also light the way to cleaner, greener tomorrow? We'll have to wait and see.

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