'Plan A' Gets Rolling: M&S; to Open First Eco-store


British retailer Marks and Spencer was already in our good books for its comprehensive greening strategy known as Plan A (because, they claim, there is no Plan B – though TH guest poster Lester Brown may disagree there). Now we hear from a report in The Scotsman that M&S; is ready to open the first of its new ‘eco-stores’ (an integral part of Plan A) in Scotland next month, boasting an impressive array of energy and water saving features:

Although shoppers are unlikely to notice any visible changes in the eco-stores, the company claims they will use 25 per cent less energy and cut carbon dioxide emissions by half. Lighting, refrigeration and ventilation systems will be more energy efficient, while timber used in the stores has been accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council, which promotes responsible forest management. The shops will also include features such as rainwater and condensation-harvesting units, which allow water to be recycled elsewhere, such as for flushing toilets. Naturally grown products will replace cellophane in food packaging. The first store will open at the new Silverburn shopping centre in Pollok next month.

This is yet another major step in the mainstreaming of green, and we wish the new store well. We are now looking forward to a day where every new building is at least this green, and we hope M&S; will continue to play a lead role in getting us there. You can also check out their Greener Living range of products online. ::The Scotsman:: via site visit::