Pickens Pushes His Plan, Testifies Before Congress

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While it’s not quite celebrity-style coverage, in the sense of reporting what the Texan former oil-man had for lunch, TreeHugger certainly gives T. Boone Pickens his due time. And as he’s in the middle of spending $58 million promoting his vision of how the U.S. can achieve energy independence through increasing wind power and natural gas, he definitely stays on the radar. Yesterday Pickens was in Congress urging legislators to essentially get out of his way, so that transmission line construction and permitting can be done more quickly.
Highlights of Pickens’ testimony
On government building transmission lines:

If the government wanted to build a grid, I mean, do it, But if they don't want to do it, I think the money is there to do it private, and so it's kind of like either do it or get out of the way, but give us the corridors to put it in and it'll be done. You could do this on a very, very fast track if you wanted.

Pickens went on to say that he wants control over any transmission lines he builds, rather than the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission controlling them, as is current practice.

Furthermore, Pickens urged Congress to extend production tax credits for renewable energy for another 10 years, estimating that $15 billion in taxpayer money was needed develop the 200,000 MW of wind power needed to replace 20% of U.S. electricity generation.

Pickens also predicted that oil would be at $300 per barrel in 10 years, due to dwindling supplies.

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