Pickens Plans For Texas Wind Farm Scaled Way Back

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T. Boone Pickens, well known for oil and wind power development (and a Plan By His Name) still has to take delivery on a bunch of GE Turbines, but it looks like the Biggest Wind Farm Ever idea he had for west Texas came with the dust and is now gone with the wind. TBP indicates that his mega-wind farm plans fell through because the price of natural gas tanked. Could it have something to do with not being able to deliver West Texas groundwater and electricity to Dallas, leveraging a government built utility corridor? The Dallas News has some interesting details.

The Public Utility Commission created a plan to build $5 billion in transmission lines to bring wind power from several areas of West Texas to North Texas and the Houston area. The lines will reach as far as the Panhandle but won't follow a path that Mesa had suggested for the Pampa project.

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