Piaggio Scooters Gone Green: 141 MPG Hybrid

Piaggio Scooter Woman Walking Photo

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The well crafted Piaggio three-wheel scooter has gone where few scooters have gone before... totally green!

Whether you deem yours male or female, it won't fall down every time a sexy woman or man walks by (hence the photo), thanks to it three wheel stability http://planetgreen.discovery.com/tech-transport/mgm-102b-hybrid-wheels.html. The MP3 scooter from Piaggio has had mixed reviews on its (three-wheel) form, however pretty solid reviews on its function (unmatched traction, stability and braking).

Thanks to its stringent engineering, the three wheeled Piaggio is capable of leaning to one side at a full 40 degree angle during cornering at practically any speed, which translates into making riding this scooter not only more fun, but also more safe. The Piaggio MP3 is easy to handle, quick, fun to drive, and now it has gone ultra green with its newly introduced plug-in hybrid model.The new Piaggio will be equipped with a 125-cc gas engine and electric motor, which should offer even the most spirited driver about 141 MPG. Speaking of spirited drivers, the plug-in version may also see such 0-60 times as 5-seconds flat according to some reports. This would put most high-performance Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, and Dodge Challengers to absolute shame at a stoplight. Especially considering its an economically-minded scooter!

But atlas, as most of us are primarily a green crowd, we won't be racing the Piaggio MP3 as much as we will be marveling at the beautiful plug-in technology. The MP3 should be able to charge its battery to full capacity in around 3 hours, emits only 40 grams of carbon per kilometer, travel 13 miles using the batteries power alone, and thanks to regenerative braking, be able to efficiently charge the battery while on the road away from any wall sockets.

And the best news is, this machine could be out as soon as next year, and seeing that this is the middle of November, that's not too long to wait!

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Piaggio Scooters Gone Green: 141 MPG Hybrid
The well crafted Piaggio three-wheel scooter has gone where few scooters have gone before... totally green!

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