Photo of the Day: Venice's Worst Floods in 22 Years

venice floods photo
Image: Flooding in Piazza San Marco (Photo: AFP/Getty)

The venerable city of Venice, named by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage sites threatened by climate change, was inundated by five feet of water (1.5 metres) yesterday. More than 95 percent of the old city centre - including many tourist sites - were flooded. The rise in sea levels was caused by consistently high southerly winds, heavy rain and snowfall in northern Italy. Because of its geographic location, situated on marshy islands and inlaid with a network of canals, Venice endures frequent flooding during high tides (most recently, 50 floods between 1993 and 2002). The city hopes to build a system of mobile walls to stave off future flooding, but the scheme will not be completed until 2012.

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