Philadelphia Vanquishes New York With Highest Bicycle-Commute Rate

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The Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition reports, based on a US Census survey, that Philadelphia is ranked number one among the ten largest US cities for bicycle commuters per-capita. Per the Census data, 1.6% of Philly commutes are estimated to be by bicycle. Poor New York City came in at 6'th place (0.6%). "Philadelphia also tied for 10th among the country's 60 largest cities and the second highest percentage among east coast cities (only Washington DC has a higher percentage). Philadelphia's percentage of commuters who bike is nearly three times the national average of 0.55%." Look below for the rankings for all ten of the largest US cities.q

  1. Philadelphia 1.6% (6th largest city)

  2. San Jose 1.2% (l0th largest city)

  3. Chicago - 1.0% (3rd largest city)

  4. San Diego 0.9% (9th largest city)

  5. Los Angeles - 0.9% (2nd largest city)

  6. New York - 0.6% (1st largest city)

  7. Phoenix - 0.8% (5th largest city)

  8. Houston - 0.4% (4th largest city)

  9. Dallas - 0.1% (8th largest city)

  10. San Antonio - 0.1% (7th largest city)

Note that the Bicycle Coalition posting has ACS survey data for a large number of US cities.

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