Philadelphia Greens Its Politics

The Philadelphia Flower Show, is the original and longest running such venue in the US (since 1829). As such it's nice to see this history-making announcement. PHILADELPHIA USA (February 2007) –The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Philadelphia Parks Alliance, will hold a Mayoral Candidates Forum on Monday, March 5 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Pennsylvania Convention Center..."For more than 30 years, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Philadelphia Green Program has served as a catalyst and advocate for quality open space, creating ways to bring people, plants and places together," said Blaine Bonham Jr., executive director of PHS. "The 2007 mayoral race is taking place at a time when Philadelphians are poised to embrace growth. It is critical for the next mayor to leverage the investment in greening programs and support their continued success." This is a good precedent to set for all American cities, given the increased prospects for environment to be important in the 2008 national elections. And, it might help Philadelphia catch up to Chicago. Having spent time both cities, the next Philadelphia mayor has some work to do if Daley's green army is the standard to meet. In a decade or so, maybe we can forget the old Vaudeville joke: 'First prize - a week in Phildelphia. Second prize - two weeks in Philadelphia'.

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