PETA to Buy Sea World

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No we're not kidding. The San Diego Union Tribune reported this morning that as Anheuser-Busch, owner of SeaWorld, is about to be gobbled up by Belgian brewer InBev, they are looking to rid themselves of their theme parks and just focus on the beer. PETA has put in a proposal for at least one of the available parks - Orlando, San Antonio or San Diego - to be funded by an anonymous donor.

InBev is hoping to sell the parks as a package, though it says it may sell them individually - PETA is only proposal to purchase one park. PETA does not plan on closing the park, but instead would put the animals in marine sanctuaries, possibly set some free in the future, and setup a virtual reality theme-park at the current location. InBev calls the proposal a "publicity stunt" and the Alaska SeaLife Center says that release is nearly impossible and that a marine sanctuary would still be hard on the animals, "because the animals would still need the care of humans."An interesting fall-out of corporate mergers is what happens to all of the sub-groups of the purchased company and what is the most ethical/environmental way to handle this? It may not be a consideration during the contract negotiation, but its interesting, nonetheless, to see how its ultimately handled. Should preference be given to companies with a more environmental proposal, or should the highest bidder always win. Also, how will this affect the cities that may rely on these big attractions for tourism dollars?

:: San Diego Union Tribune
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