PETA Provides Free Personal Advice To Al Gore


Until today, we had not even realized that the organization known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had a serious interest in climate change policy. But apparently they do. Close on the heels of several personal criticisms of Al Gore for his home energy use by...well, we'll just call them denialists... PETA has sent a letter to Mr Gore, promoting a strict vegetarian agenda. PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk signed the cordially worded letter, which is available at the PETA blog (pdf file). The technical substance of PETA's argument is described here. We can easily imagine Mr. Gore's personal secretary handing him the PETA letter. Al reads it, looks up, and says 'Darn...I I thought it would enough for me to tear down my megawatt hungry mansion and live in a FEMA trailer so I could continue my work. Now, it looks as if I'll also have to eat soy burgers.' PETA has a point, of course. But, we have a feeling that the ten years within which the world must take dramatic steps to prevent climate catastrophe does not include nearly enough time to leverage that idea. Think, for example, how the marine mammal-eating Inuit People might respond? Argentinian cattlemen? Middle Eastern goatherds? If PETA members would just point out their fondness for petrochemical based clothing and shoes, perhaps at least the actual President and the US Congress would listen. Image credit:aerobic hog waste slurry tank, USDA