PETA Offers To Help Kansas Overcome Budget Deficit By Paying For Anti-Fishing Sign

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Pisces the constellation. Image credit: Aspin, 1825, via University of Oklahoma "History of Science" exhibit

Hoping for a way to sustain the world's fisheries? PETA has a better idea: end fishing.

Immediately on reading the headline "PETA offers state budget help with anti-fishing sign," which was published at State House Live, I thought PETA is like a technical rock climber grabbing for whatever ledge is presented over the cameras. What makes this simile weak, however, is that turning to wave at the lens has no lasting consequence. It apparently does not matter that big fish eat the little fish that eat the plankton, and so on. And, their priority list seems not to target pollution, habitat loss, and power plant intakes: things which present higher risk of "pain" and mortality to fish and other freshwater aquatic life.From

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it would pay the state to erect an anti-fishing sign at Miami State Fishing Lake in Fontana. PETA would pay rent for as long as the sign remained.

The sign shows a dog with a fish hook through its lip and reads, "If You Wouldn't Do This to a Dog, Why Do It to a Fish?"


Budget realities: Fishing license revenues and the associated boat registration fees are commonly used to acquire and maintain public park lands, boat launches, and stream buffers; and, to enforce fishing regulations. No way does a proposal like this one by PETA have any relationship to the conservation ethics and environmental management I grew up with.

It's certainly no help for the budget to cut off fishing.

I just can't figure the strategy, if indeed there is one. Can you?

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