Peru to Plant 40 Million Trees in Reforestation Campaign

National Reforestation Campaign in Peru Photo


With so many news about deforestation, it's nice to be able to say things like this: the Peruvian government has launched a national campaign to plant 40 million trees thorough the country.

Pines, Eucaliptus, Cipres and Molle saplings will be planted in 18 of the country's departments. The government estimates that these trees will be able to capture over 570 thousand tons of cabon dioxide yearly.

Keep reading for more.The goal with this positive carbon credit is to fight global warming but also to play in the carbon market. EFE informs that officials from the campaign said there's intention to sell carbon credits.

Commerce is not the only goal of the measure, but also reactivating the agriculture segment creating jobs.

According to the Peruvian Work Ministry, the National Reforestation Campaign will generate 128 thousand temporary jobs to plant the trees, and in some time it will open another 600 thousand permanent positions for people to act as woods guardians.

The investment for the campaign will be 60 million soles, about 20 million USD.

Via Clima de cambios and VeoVerde
Peruvian Agriculture Ministry
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