Personal Resilience is as Important as Planetary Sustainability

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Whether it is cutting yourself some slack when it comes to your eco-failures, dealing with eco-anxiety or guilt, or just trying to earn a fair wage in a sustainable economy, TreeHugger has devoted many column inches to the idea that to look after the planet, we have to look after ourselves too. Rob Hopkins has a great take on this as part of his effort to crowd-source the writing of the next edition of the Transition Handbook. In a post called Ingredients of Transition: Personal Reslience, he asks Dr Chris Jonstone—author of Find Your Power—for his advice on how activists can stay motivated, happy and effective in the face of daunting challenges. Whether it is paying attention to the stories we tell ourselves, building support networks among friends and fellow activists, or drawing courage and wisdom from challenges we have individually overcome in the past, there is much that can be done. This should be required reading for every would-be world-saver.

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