Pennsylvania Takes Authority Away From Oil & Gas Inspectors

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Oil and gas companies are likely to face fewer violations as a result of a recent directive in Pennsylvania that essentially tells state inspectors to do their job slower.

Hundreds of enforcement actions are taken against oil and gas operators in the state every month, but they will all now need to be approved—individually—by the deputy secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, a politically appointed position. ProPublica has the scoop, and explains:

The memos are raising concerns that the state's environmental inspectors can no longer act independently and that regulations could be overridden by the political whims of the state's new governor, Tom Corbett.

ProPublica quotes John Hanger, former head of the DEP:

"It's an extraordinary directive. It represents a break from how business has been done in the department within the Marcellus Shale and within the oil and gas program for probably 20 years.

"It's on its face really breathtaking and it is profoundly unwise. I would urge them to rethink and rescind."

DEP denies any conflict of interest and says enforcement will not be affected. However, the governor is a known supporter of drilling. The environment, not so much. Last month, ProPublica writes, "he gave C. Alan Walker, a former coal industry executive and longtime opponent of environmental regulations, authority to overwrite permitting decisions at the DEP in order to encourage economic development."

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