Pennsylvania Doing The Unexpected With Central Solar Power

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Washington County PA, location of prospective central solar photovoltaic plant. Image credit:Google Maps

I recently posted on the surprising trend of grid connected, central-solar plants sited in unexpected (cloudy) places. Specifically, "..., on the East Coast of the US, a photovoltaic "sun farm," rated at 10 megawatts, is planned for the State of Delaware, near the city of Dover. On the West Coast State of Washington, private investors are planning a 75-megawatt photovoltaic ground installation - they're calling it a "solar farm.""

Even tried to jump start a little friendly competition between Delaware and adjacent Pennsylvania. "If Delaware can do it, surely Pennsylvania can get cracking on a "sun farm."" Guess what, private developers, motivated by Pennsylvania's requirement that 18% of its power be from renewable sources have moved on it. Details below.
Pittsburgh's TribLive, Business covered two such stories with Southpointe firm plans first solar power plant in Western Pennsylvania

Community Networks LLC, a wireless telecommunications company in Southpointe, proposes to begin building a solar power station in Washington County this fall that would generate 3 megawatts of power a year, state Sen. J. Barry Stout, D-Bentleyville, said in a statement.

That would produce enough electricity for about 450 homes a year, said Jared Blanton, a spokesman for the Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group in Washington.

And, prompted by the TribLive story, I recalled a post written about a similar development near my home: Bucks County Pennsylvania, USA, To Get 16.5-Acre Solar Park.
Exelon Corp., a Chicago-based electric utility, and Epuron LLC of Germany have a 3-megawatt solar panel "farm" in Fairless Hills, Bucks County,...

From the previous post on this topic, below are the US' renewable portfolio standards, state by state. Who's next up for some central solar facilities. Let us know what you hear about in your home state.


Renewable Portfolio Standards by state, as of July 2009.
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