Pedal-Powered Buick Driver Not Guilty


Who can forget the moving story of Michel de Broin's pedal-powered Buick Regal, how the car was stopped while friends pedalled it to the Mercer Union Art Gallery in Toronto, and how he was charged with operating an unsafe vehicle in a tragic miscarriage of justice.

His lawyer took up the cause, telling the National Post: "Automobiles are inherently dangerous because of their big powerful motors," said Mr. Fox, manager of the legal advisory department in a branch of the Canadian Automobile Association. "This thing only went 15 km/h. I'd like to ask the officer how many people have been killed by a muscular powered vehicle."

Evidently he was persuasive in court today; a judge just found Michel de Broin not guilty of operating an unsafe vehicle. There is still justice in this world. Updates to follow. ::National Post

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