Pearl Jam Talks the Talk, Walks the Walk


Our pals over at Grist have a good interview with Stone Gossard, founding member and guitarist for Pearl Jam. The Seattle-area rockers recently made news for their Carbon Portfolio Strategy, but they want to be clear that it isn't just a publicity stunt: the band wants to leverage change, make a difference and mitigating climate change. Not only is the band putting their money where their mouths are, but Gossard seems to really know his stuff. They've done their homework, and seem to really grasp not only the potential damage that can be done by spewing too much carbon into the atmosphere, but how they can best use their names, time and money to make a difference. They've gone beyond just pumping biodiesel into their tour buses, to offsetting their fans' trip to the show, to effecting positive change on a local and national level, which we love to see. One question still remains, though; is the avocado on their latest album organic? Read the whole interview (it's worth it) to get the answer. ::Grist