Peak Oil, Easter Island and the "New Island Order" Conspiracy (Video)

easter island peak oil cartoon

Image credit: Petrocalypse Now

The last time I posted an XtraNormal video about peak oil and "kool-aid drinking commies", it resulted in a pretty heated, unpleasant debate/argument in the comments box. I've just come across another video that—I think—offers an entertaining take on the threat of peak oil, albeit this time from a historical perspective. If Petrocalypse is to be believed, there were some pretty familiar sounding conversations going on on Easter Island just before the last trees were cut down, and as "peak tree theory" was just beginning to receive serious attention. Offering insights into the ancient controversy on Easter Island, we get to listen in as a "peak tree" advocate and/or alarmist (depending on your point of view) goes head-to-head with a proponent of business-as-usual. Tackling such sticky subjects as the connection between trees, canoes and islanders' ability to fish, we learn that all is well because canoe production is at an all-time high.

We also get to hear about recent research in Popular Island Mechanics that offers the tantalizing prospect of canoes built from sand and grass, as well as the rumors of an ominous "New Island Order" that is using the threat of "peak trees" to control the population.

This is pretty funny stuff. Although I must admit that the XtraNormal format is beginning to get a little tiresome...

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