Peak Oil Alarm Raised By Secret Government Talks

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Image credit: AZrainman, used under Creative Commons license.

Could government finally be waking up to the threat of peak oil? When a government minister attended a peak oil conference as a "keynote listener", I perhaps unkindly cited it as evidence that miracles do happen. But despite warnings of peak oil in 5 years from Richard Branson, there's no doubt that governments the world over have not so far devoted too much attention to peak oil—at least in public. Now there is increasing evidence that the UK government at least is a lot more concerned about peak oil behind closed doors than they would care to admit. According to The Guardian, the government is holding secret official talks on peak oil and its potential impact on the economy. Bringing together staff from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Bank of England and Ministry of Defence among others, the talks were kept secret until documents were obtained by The Guardian through the Freedom of Information Act.

What this all means for official policy—despite the DECC's own correspondence admitting that secrecy around the subject is "probably not good"—remains uncertain. The Government line still appears to be that the International Energy Agency (IEA) is an authoritative source - despite claims by some IEA insiders that its oil stats were deliberately inflated to appease the US.

If rumors of such government uncertainty about energy supply is true, our economy could be in for a bumpy ride for some time to come.

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