"Pay As You Throw" Scheme Coming to UK?


In the latest attempt to get people to increase recycling and decrease trash, more than 30 councils in the UK are fitting microchips to municipal trash cans in advance of possible "pay as you throw" schemes. The bins would be weighed by trash collectors and the chips used to identify where the trash came from; residents would then be charged according to the amount of waste they generate. The plan has been evolving for several months as the government tries to find a way to boost the European Union's third-worst recycling rate; figures from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) show the UK recycles or composts only 18% of its waste, numbers that are ahead of only Greece (8%) and Portugal (3%). Though the chips aren't in use yet, the idea has met resistance from residents; an estimated 25,000 chips had been removed by people who don't want such a close eye kept on their waste. Still, with an estimated nine years of landfill space left, councils throughout the UK are faced with a tough decision about what to do with the UK's waste; by 2010 they will have to meet 40% of recycling targets to avoid EU sanctions. Will Big Brother soon be watching your trash cans? Stay tuned...via ::BBC