Paving Trains Firing Up Engines Across America


New York Times

Miss Concrete and Miss Blacktop
must be getting ready to party as the numbers come out and we see how the States are spending their infrastructure money. In Kansas, it is going into highways and interchanges; Paving trains instead of Electric Trains.

Transportation secretary Deb Miller tells the New York Times:


Miss Concrete and Miss Blacktop in Wisconsin
"We wanted to build projects that would have a lasting impact, so that 20 years later people could look at them and see what we did."

In Houston, they are planning on spending $181 million on a ring road that planners say will spur more sprawl. The Times provides links to many State's proposals; it is a litany of sprawl, concrete and highways that between the concrete that goes into them and the cars and trucks that will go down them, will probably negate every green initiative in the package.

This is an inauspicious start. More in the New York Times.
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